Double-line Plastic Bag Making Machine

    1. About the product

      XC2005 Position Controller is an improved model of XC2001.  Taking compatibility and user’s habit into account, the product preserves all the functions and input/output interfaces of the original model with the same appearance and dimension.  The added parts include an interface for servo motor, the second color mark sensor input, and several long-distance button inputs.  The arrangement of interface panel is almost the same as the original model.

      Parameter setting is simplified.  Only 13 system parameters in common use are reserved, while the rest parameters are merged into system constants that need no modification or can be assigned by the system.  Dynamic modification of system parameters is permitted, and the parameters can be executed immediately after quitting from the modification process.  To modify the parameters, just input the number directly other than add and subtract by shifting bit in original manner.

      The controller adopts an isolated digital pulse module, which improves the frequency precision.  Therefore the pull motor (spindle motor) runs more steadily with higher speed.  It is also suitable for double-spindle machinery (double step motor or double servo motor), and the control manner of double color mark plus float roller can be adopted.

The controller is suitable for plentiful type of machine, and can be expanded (not modified).  Now the system inside has integrated with 7 basic models and 4 options of machine type, which can be assembled to multiple kind of machine type.

Post time: Mar-09-2019


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